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Activities - Contact

evkaf iletişim

GOODNESS VOLUNTEERS was established on the basis of the assurance of the Cyprus Foundations Administration, with the spirit of leaving our love in every heart we can reach, sharing our support without hesitation, and creating awareness in the country as benevolence volunteers, with the projects we will do together for this purpose so that people can help each other free of charge all over our country.

The most valuable of people is the one who loves people and is useful to them.

- Hz. Muhammed (AS)

ENVIRONMENTAL CLEANING GOODNESS VOLUNTEER: You can also contribute to a better environment as a charity volunteer and support your projects.

FOOD AID GOODNESS VOLUNTEER: As a charity volunteer, you can help people in need, animals wandering on the streets and abandoned in shelters, and you can support them with the projects you will do.

SOCIAL AND OTHER ASSISTANCE GOODNESS VOLUNTEER: You can donate to people in need of help/care as a charity volunteer, visit them, help families in need of help, and support them with your projects.

It is aimed that the application information to be obtained after the applications to be made as well-being volunteers will be recorded in the database to be created by our Administration, and that our aid works will proceed in coordination with the Foundations Administration, and that our poverty map, which will be expanded with the aid we will deliver throughout the country, will also reach our people in need with other projects we will produce over time.


+90 392 444 04 94 [238]